About the Artist 

I have loved jewelry since I was a very little girl. The first piece I ever owned was a pearl baby necklace that my grandmother gave me at my baptism. I often reorganized my mother's jewelry box just so that I could look at and play with the jewelry. The dazzling colors, the shapes, the sparkles, the feel! I was and am still utterly mesmerized by lovely beads, crystals and metal ... and rocks ... and all other kinds of pretties.

I began making jewelry over 20 years ago, when my friend Mike gave me a box of beads from an artist friend of his, Jimmy, who had passed at too young an age.  I found myself playing with the beads as I had played with my mother's jewelry, and felt compelled to start creating.

I am largely self-taught and don't have a particular style - I make what I like!  Enjoy.
~ Barb

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